Get empowered with Blockchain Education

Bloceducare is an initiative born out of passion to increase blockchain education and driving mainstream awareness in Nigeria and other African countries. The project is planned to ensure that Nigerians/Africans (Individuals and corporate bodies) get to understand what blockchain is, understand the use cases and motivates towards blockchain mass adoption.

Bloceducare as a project will time to time implement different blockchain solutions such as Hydro Raindrop WordPress MFA to show how simple and useful blockchain solutions can be.

In achieving our set mission we will be running different programs aiming at targeting different categories of audience to ensure mainstream awareness. These programs includes;

Bloceducare Blockchain Campus Advocacy Program (BBCAP)

BBCAP program is a program designed to educate students on campus about blockchain. This program will take Advocates who have understanding of blockchain and a passion to transmit the knowledge from various higher institution campuses. The Advocates will be responsible for organizing meet-ups, seminars, specialized trainings, hackaton and conferences. The program is designed to be a training ground for blockchain developers, consultants and more educators. Interested in being an advocate? Click here

Educative Blog

With team of seasoned content writers/creators and several freelancers, we will be running a very interactive and educative blog where readers will learn about blockchain, understand the uses and the available use cases. The blog will also afford readers the opportunity to know about new blockchain innovations.

Blockchain Courses

We will be talking with renowned blockchain training providers about partnership that will allow individuals take blockchain courses and get certified. Our goal is to have individuals improve their knowledge, evaluate themselves, make them employable and be able to contribute meaningfully to the blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain Consultancy Program

For individuals/organizations looking to adopt or understand more about blockchain/blockchain solutions we will be offering consultations. We will give more details about this in a later time.

Blockchain Event Organizing

Having mainstream mass awareness/adoption in focus, we will be organizing several blockchain events from meet-ups, conferences, rallies to hackatons. Our focus for this event will be to ensure that individuals from different background get to understand blockchain the simplest they can.