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November 21, 2018 Post 4


This is a better time to welcome you to Bloceducare, as we have explained in the About page, we are out to ensure that Africans learn about Blockchain/Cryptocurrency and we will be using Proof of Knowledge (POK) to reward outstanding individuals that perform well enough in the assessment tests which will be conducted in a planned order after studying materials on the site. To ensure that platform grows and reach vast majority of Africans, each person will be required to refer others as their contribution to Blockchain education growth in the region.

While there has been so much emphasis on cryptocurrency, we believe we can better appreciate and utilize Blockchain technology in Africa if people truly understands the technology. To this end we will be bringing very resourceful materials and we will be partnering with other Blockchain education institutions, influencers and enthusiasts to offer the best that Africans deserve with confidence that in very short time Blockchain will become an household name.

As a Blockchain education project, we realize that one of the best ways to project Blockchain as a daily useable solution is to implement a simple blockchain solution and to this end we have implemented Hydro Raindrop WordPress Multi Factor Authenticator (MFA) on our site to give an extra layer of security to the platform and to our users.

As we grow together, we will have Blockchain educational materials in the Blog section weekly for you to study and we will announce time for assessment. Do note that to qualify for assessment you must have referred a specific number of users per week. Also note that results will be announced on the site for everyone to see.

Do proceed to register, update your profile information if you have not already and learn the easy way to onboard your HydroApp here.

Need to discuss with us about the project, sponsorship and partnership? Contact us support@bloceducare.com


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